The Priest Who Discovered The Big Bang


Modern culture often seems to preach that religion and science are mutually exclusive.
I can verify that during my own time as an atheist, I used the false-battle between science and religion as a crutch for my unbelief – as do many. Ultimately, it was just that: a crutch. A crutch to avoid the yearning I had for something more – a universal truth.

Science and the Catholic Church ARE NOT mutually opposed or exclusive. In fact, the Church and its Catechism are remarkably forward thinking on the topic. 14578237295_4ca925fa03_n

Science is a compliment to religion’s search for the origin of us and the ether which surrounds the university – which I believe to be God. The Church has erred sometimes in its treatment of Science – Galileo being a prominent example of which it later apologized – but the Church has also produced and continues to produce scientific breakthroughs.

One of the largest observatories in the world is operated by the Vatican. And, oh yeah, there is that whole thing about the Big Bank being clarified and codified by a Catholic Priest, the esteemed Georges Lemaitre. History seems to want to bury this fact due to his very existence not subscribing to the modern secularist narrative. But, educate oneself, and remember that these worlds are not in competition with one another.

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